Interviews are like dating

Interviewing is like dating: What can you do to improve your chances

Sam, I was thinking about your intro. Maybe one reason for the consistent pay discrepancy between men and women is the role we learn romantically. They are better at other things, but not this. Another great post Sam! I personally experienced this when I was interviewing for an internship in college. It was a great opportunity and the pay was good.

As we were interviewing we saw the other candidates. I was surprised at how many did not dress up for the interview. Glad you got picked up! The parallels are amazing! The interview like the first date is the most important! Hmmm, I have to wonder if my future interviewer will try to kiss me on our first interview! I never really thought about it too, until I wrote the post. If your future interviewer is going to kiss you, well..

You do want to be confident but not cocky; energetic but not too eager; presentable but not dressed better than the interviewer…. You are spot on with this.

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I have found that most anything in life can be easily compared to picking up a girl or guy at a bar. You have a short period of time to make a strong impression. You are selling yourself. If you are attractive, in a professional sense of course, you will be the one they take home at the end of the night. And by that, I mean hire. Wow great post I really enjoyed reading it. Never really knew that interviewing was like dating so much, guess you learn something new every day!

Interesting bit about creativity. I never would have thought to do something like that in an interview, or the equivalent of the male version…. One of my favorite bosses was a State Department Attorney. I must have done something right when he interviewed me for a job for his office.

Dating Mistake #8: You Treat Dating Like a Job Interview

He picked me out of the 29 State Department employees whoe applied for it. I do remember he said my resume was well prepared. I knew what I was talking about. I think it must have also because that I appeared to be cheerful, honest and hardworking, a few good characters that I happened to know that I have.

My boss and I had very good work relationship until I had to leave the job to go overseas with my husband for an assignment. He and I kept in touch, though infrequent, after I left the job. Sadly, I just learned that he had passed away. Sad to hear Lovingkind. You sound like a optimistic and cheerful person any boss would enjoy having!

Thnx for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I remember after my first college relationship, I totally let myself go, and was pretty sloppy. The only difference between the two is that there is a very little chance you will end up naked at the end of the interview. After the date, call the girl! Let her know how much you enjoyed your time together and that you look forward to building a relationship. Let them know how pumped you are at the prospect of becoming part of the team! Iron your dress shirt and comb your hair! And yes, dry palms please.

I completely agree that interviews get easier over time. Your email address will not be published.

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Are Interviewing and Dating a Similar Process?

Comments This is a well written post Mr. For interviews, choose an appropriate spot, like a conference room or an office with enough space to converse comfortably with the applicant.


Let them know how pumped you are at the prospect of becoming part of the team! News Corp HarperCollins Marketwatch realtor. Hmmm, I have to wonder if my future interviewer will try to kiss me on our first interview! However, if you use social media as part of your selection and hiring process, make sure you understand the legalities. Sad to hear Lovingkind. Interesting heads up on which is the dominant eye.

If you hold the interview in your office, be sure to turn off any potential distractions, like email notification noises and the phone. Give the applicant your undivided attention.

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Likewise, candidates should be conducting themselves in a way that reflects well on them and their professionalism. Thanks, Ursula… extra points if you knew that was from The Little Mermaid.

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No wonder then, that job interviews often feel like they're less about what you've done and more about who you And the similarities to dating don't end there. I've coached over a thousand people before interviews. While I don't have quite that many dates under my belt, it's always struck me how the two are so similar.

Yes, I have kids. That said, does any of this sound familiar? First dates and job interviews are stressful. If a person looks good on paper, you may want to consider taking a little care to make the interviewee as relaxed and open as possible so you can really get to know them and see if they are going to be a good fit. Whether in love or in a positive work environment, chemistry is important. You may want to hire on the spot, but wait! Desperation can lead to a huge mistake, as anyone who has picked the wrong person knows. Sure, that candidate was a great conversationalist, but will that be an asset in your back-office data entry position where human interaction is almost nonexistent?

Perhaps the candidate was super accommodating and thorough, but your forward-facing sales position needs someone far more aggressive and big-picture oriented.

Interviewing Is Like Dating – Hubba, Hubba!

Using a behavioral assessment, like The Omnia Profile, can help you steer the interview in the best possible direction and keep you on track to ensuring the candidate really is a good fit. When there is, it can definitely become the start of a beautiful relationship. If not, both parties should keep looking for the right fit. She partners with her clients to select top talent, manage more effectively, More News Latest trending featured What's trending.