Dating tips for nice guys

Skip the bars and motorcycle rallies and instead head for places that good guys frequent. Good guys can be found in churches and synagogues, soup kitchens and animal shelters, dog parks, libraries, bookstores and theaters. McDonald's playgrounds on Wednesday evenings are terrific spots to meet single dads with young children. Another idea is to ask friends to set you up on blind dates with their "nice guy" friends. People are always happy to help out a good guy and steer him toward his well-deserved happy ending. One reason to be yourself is because that is how a nice guy assumes you will act.

Also, if a loving, long-term relationship is your ultimate goal, it's smarter and easier to show him the "real you" from the beginning rather than springing surprises on him down the road.

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While you may be instantly attracted to that sexy bad boy, allow yourself plenty of time for a real relationship with a good guy to develop. Take time to get to know his sense of humor, his favorite books and movies, his fears, his hopes and his dreams. You may or may not fall in love with him, but if you do, it will be real love and so much more than lust.

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If you're finally dating a nice guy after years of unhappy relationships with bad boys, now is not the time to seek revenge on the men of the world. If you have a beef with men due to poor treatment from bad boys, take it out on the bad boys and not on some unsuspecting nice guy who had nothing to do with it. Sure, he may be an easy target because of his nonthreatening niceness, but he really doesn't deserve to be disrespected by you any more than you deserved to be disrespected by the bad boys. Join an online dating site.

The Truth About Nice Guys - Paging Dr. NerdLove

Many times, nice men can be hard to find because they may keep to themselves with work, close friends and their hobbies. Online dating can be one way to meet a nice man since you get to know his personality before making snap judgments about his physical appearance. Be the partner you want. If you want to attract a nice guy, be that way yourself.

Adapt the kind of qualities you're looking for in a mate. Nice guys typically want to date someone they can trust and someone on whom they can rely. Look for a nice guy at work.

How to Date a Nice Guy

The office can be a place to find this type of man since you can assess his character by his work ethic. If he's dedicated and loyal to his job, he probably will also be that way with you.

Make the first move. Sometimes, a nice guy is a shy guy who won't hit on you with a pick-up line. Be friendly and strike up a conversation with him. Once the ice has been broken, he may feel more comfortable asking you out. None of this is his fault really. His natural manliness becomes obscured due to his upbringing and is replaced by a docile exterior developed to please people.

5 Dating Tips For Nice Guys: Upgrading Your Inner Game

You can easily help him regain his assertiveness and confidence. The prerequisite of course is that you should be a mature and understanding girl who is not very judgmental or overly critical.

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When he makes friends with guys who are more in touch with their manliness, he is bound to discover his own true nature as a man. McDonald's playgrounds on Wednesday evenings are terrific spots to meet single dads with young children. How to Find a Good Boyfriend. You are commenting using your WordPress. Look for a nice guy in the places he would spend time. So as a girl you can tell the guy what it is that you desire in a man.

Remember that he is continually seeking approval because he was subjected to a lot of criticism during his childhood. You can change his mind conditioning by appreciating him for every small thing you can think of. With time, he will regain confidence and will eventually stop exhibiting approval seeking behaviors.

He might have been brought up in a household where his parents withheld their love for the fear of spoiling him.

Strict parents usually end up making this mistake. If he sees that your love is not conditional, he will develop a new level of trust in himself. He will stop being self-critical when he sees that you love him for what he is and not what he could or should be. Most guys who exhibit a nice guy syndrome might lack an ideal role model in their life.