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Sorry, this content is not available in your region. Click here to learn more. Episodes This show does not have any episodes. Julien Kang Main Cast. Han Sun Hwa Main Cast. Yeon Woo Jin Main Cast. Han Groo Main Cast. Cast - Marriage, Not Dating. Jeong Jinwoon Main Cast. Yoon So Hee Main Cast. Park Joon Gyu Supporting Cast. Kim Young Ok Supporting Cast. Kim Kap Soo Supporting Cast. Im Ye Jin Supporting Cast. Anyone else can do the Google search I specified. Only a scientifically illiterate idiot completely dismissed a TWO YEAR multi-million dollars study without even looking at it solely because a Christian mentioned it.

In any professional science journals? Or did the clowns self-publish their nonsense on their own YEC website? Or are you just running off at the mouth regurgitating without understanding some lies you read on another YEC garbage site. You have NO credibility. Scared to death you might accidentally learn some science and your tiny Fundy brain would explode? Scared to death you might accidentally learn some science and your tiny spiritually-dead brain would explode? Even Galileo over years ago figured out how marine fossils got on top of mountains by understanding the fossils were deposited before the mountains rose.

I know Creationists as a rule are dirt ignorant but years behind the times? Any freshman level geology book or even a 30 second Google search will explain to you how plate tectonics and mountain formation works. The only ones dirt ignorant and yrs behind the times are the ones still looking at Science from yrs ago. Yet you keep opening your mouth and making a fool of yourself. If you are…our conversations are over. I refuse to battle wits with someone unarmed! Nice try but no deal! The Bible as the inspired Word of God, is the first and last authority on all things- NOT the flawed opinions of mere men, more so the corrupt conclusions of agnostics and atheists.

My daughter, girlfriend, all the bands I run sound for, all the people I do studio work for, my family, my friends…all know I exist. To quote my pastor: Throughout human history evil aggressors have thrived on appeasement. We pamper, pacify and justify until procrastination leads to explosions that kill good and evil alike.

Truly, there is nothing new under the sun. Evil takes advantage of good because good allows evil to take advantage. Love looks like protecting the good from the evil not allowing evil to harm good. If homosexuality is genetic, then: Why is it so important for men to sodomize young boys before 8 years of age if being a homosexual is genetic?

Vimeo Declares War on Gospel Transformation | The Stream

Why the 4 successive recruits? Excellent comment and right on target! Perversion learned, not born with. GOD know you exist too, and it is HE to,whom you will make a full accounting for your life choices…. I see no god or satan. All he can do is run his mouth spewing his adolescent hatred for things he does not understand nor does he want to understand.

Seems me that there is some very deeply buried pain in many of those who are so vehemently opposed to God and the Bible. Their vitriolic hatred is totally OTT. They themselves were abused at early ages after being befriended and then groomed by older perverts who had the same thing happen to them. Giving up children to them in any way is demonic. If all they ever wanted was to be left alone to live in peace, why have they been permitted to force people to salute their sodomy?

What frightens me is that they are allowed to adopt innocent children! They are probability the only truly monogamous gay pair I personally have knowledge of. I would say that the vast majority have been either indoctrinated into this abominable lifestyle or ran with piers who were practicing it. I just say though, that I went to school with q couple of effeminate boys who later in life I learned were gay.

But maybe they were childhood vics of sexual abuse. What people say is important. If homosexuals truly loved themselves, they would stop using sexual perversion to kill themselves. Satan preys on the weak [those whose powers of discernment have atrophied] so the weak can eventually drag down the strong. Anti-Retroviral drugs can extend life; but the side effects can be as troubling as the deadly disease. How can the cause of and the spread of a pandemic be confused with love? This perverse pampering and protection in their behalf is part of a larger plan to depopulate the earth.

When those who truly hate homosexuals [those who make it easy for homosexuals to do what homosexuals do], use up the homosexuals, the homosexuals will be turned on without mercy. Yes, you are totally correct. I work in an intensive care unit and see it more often than I would like to hav to admit to. We see in the news many times where these peop,e intentionally attempt to give their disease of debauchery to others, either not telling sex partners they have it, or even throwing urine on people or blood when they can.

This is nothing more than the out working of the deminic spirits that I dwell them. Also you shall not lie with a an animal as you would with a woman to be defiled with it, nor shall any woman stand before an animal to mate with it. Sub-Saharan Africa with a total population of approx. Yes, the statistics I just posted are the facts. Same as anywhere else…perversion, abomination, moral corruption. I see the Mods are protecting you from reality again. Deleting my post point out you just directly contradicted yourself only highlights your scientific ineptitude.

This is completely false. The biggest factor in the spread of HIV is having unprotected sex. The orientation of the couple does not matter one iota. Of course since unprotected sex is the biggest vector for HIV what do the Fundies want to do? He and yon have some tuff lessons lying in wait for you it seems. Feel free to deny, deny, DENY, but your denials will mean diddly when you stand before our Almighty and HOLY God one day where you will confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of a god the Father on be dead knee, but at that point your destination will be a done deal.. People are not animals.

We do not go into heat in order to keep the species alive. Twist, squirm, deny all you want. You cannot and will not change the facts. Not now, not ever. You can deny Him too, but that does not negate the fact that you WILL stand before Him where an explanation of just why you chose to commit heinous acts of depravity when he made His expectations well known to one and all and, from the very beginning.

NO Jesus, NO peace. Preaching abstinence to young adults with raging hormones has never worked since humans began living in permanent groups over 10, years ago. Humans are a social species and sexual intimacy is a key component of any couple pair bonding. We have a capacity to control our emotions and urges. Granted, we can be tempted, but we can and do control our urges.

There is such a thing as self control and also parental responsibility and supervision which limits teens accessibility to moments of weakness. What a silly thing to say. Why do all the statistics from the last 50 years show the exact opposite of what you claim? You seriously think because you did that means every teenager everywhere will practice abstinence too? I am well aware of the fall in morality in one youth today, but it does not, will not and cannot justify promiscuity, abortion and homosexuality.

I met my husband 50 years ago and yes, temptation was there, but we had something sorely lacking today….. Sorry you are lacking these things. Making abortion illegal does not decrease the abortion rate. If you want to lower the teen pregnancy AND abortion rates, what is the only proven strategy? If that were the case it would not have been spread exclusively the out male homosexual acts for years before effective g other groups.

Yon can deny that this is abomination all yon want, but it is what God says it is. It is up to the ones who claim Elvis lives who have to prove it. I understand your stupid god and the scriptures just fine. What is illogical is your belief in this fairy tale. People are not born homosexual. One is born gay just as one is born straight. There is no science to back that up. We are all born male or female.

Sexuality beyond that is a behavioral choice, and homosexual behavior is a really bad choice. There is a large amount of scientific literature on the topic which people here love to ignore. I posted references to four scientific papers with evidence for a genetic component to sexual orientation. Had to post them five times because some unscrupulous person kept deleting them.

Stop pampering perversion and pacifying perverts. Stop playing nice withe evil. Calling them broken is coming from your opinion? It is your thinking that is broken! There is no science behind homosexuality only pseudoscience. You actually think it is a choice? ImaginaryDomain…riddle me this… Do you find yourself attracted to anyone of the same sex? Do you find yourself attracted to the opposite sex? If you do, you were wired for heterosexuality. Do you find yourself attracted to both sexes? Then you are wired for both. Pretty basic if you ask me. Better than an imaginary being written about from a book of fairy tales of whose authorship is in serious question.

Or worse, does my innate alcoholism excuse me from behavior that others may find objectionable e. These actions harm children, my children, psychologically. I do not think it is OK that I need to explain to my 8 year old about gay sex because she heard about it at school. This is highly offensive to me — but I used it as an opportunity to discuss some very poor choices people make with their bodies and their minds. These actions harm society at large.

Also, these diseases are starting to become resistant to our best medicines used to fight them. These diseases impact everyone directly in terms of treatment costs, management, and prevention laughable. Fortunately, there is good news! There is law and moral principle found in the bible that would prevent all of this. So I choose to pick up my cross, resist my sinful nature i. Now if a person is addicted to sex…that is a different story…thus my next point…. There are people with addiction problems and they are wired that way.

So alcoholism can be a genetic thing. Give me a break. Not gay sex…but regular sex. My mom found it highly offensive when I told her. Kids are gonna hear things in the schoolyard. STDs…people get them because they are stupid. Most of the gay people I know have been in long term relationships and are disease-free. Sure, hook ups are rampant in the gay community…but they are just as equally rampant in the heterosexual community too.

We are also predisposed to having sex. Being that you have no idea of my background, I will excuse your comment and strike it up to ignorance on your part. I have studied the scriptures in depth from the 3 Christian denominations I was raised in. I know the Bible better than most Christians.

I went to Bible college and thought I was called into the ministry. You see, I was indoctrinated as a child and I was as vocal about my Christianity then as I am about my atheism now. He would have known all these things in advance. He would have made it to where it would be impossible to misunderstand what he meant. Instead, we have over 30, different brands of Christianity, all trying to explain the mind and nature of god.

So your holy book as is true with the Quran is no more an authority on god as you are. Ergo, you can use all the big words you want, all the allegories you want, all the metaphors you want, and at the end…it still means nothing. And unlike you my friend, I was reared in a religiously neutral environment of which was lacking in ANY formal religious training.

And after almost years now of studying Systematic theology almost like a madman possessed with insatiable purpose , plus what I can consistently glean from secular science i. Blah blah blah… There is no historical evidence of a virgin birth, or a resurrection, or an assertion.

Nor is there any record of a Jew feeding a multitude of people with 5 loaves and two fish, nor is there any record of king herod slaughtering thousands of children under the age of two , nor is there any record of people getting up from their graves like Matthew describes in his gospel of the resurrection. You see, there may have been a man named Jesus. I can accept that. I can ever accept that he was a religious radical of his day. I can ever accept that he does for his beliefs.

But you can not prove the Biblical Jesus. They were written decades after the fact by unknown authors. And, according to the Bible, the whole book has to be taken as factual and literal.

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Marriage Not Dating Ep 1 (Eng Screener). from Silver Wolf International. LIVE. 0. Like. Add to Watch Later. Share. Marriage not dating ep 1 eng sub vimeo. Seventh-day churches, such worldwide church of god, a different form of interaction between the speakers at the end of.

Are you ignorant, or unaware of those too? Just who on earth would willingly die for something, about which they certifiably knew to be a lie?? Again…blah, blah, blah…the bible says…blah blah blah…see this verse, see that verse. Those texts were found too but not part of the canon…why? People do stupid stuff all the time. Asking why the 12 disciples decided to do what they did is the same as asking why did the examples stated above do what they did? Maybe the disciples were nobodies who want to be somebodies. We will never know…but hardly proves your deity. At best it proves brainwashing, or stupidity…or both.

And if I do meet a god in the afterlife, and if he is your god which is highly unlikely I would ask him why he failed so miserably! They and their anti-social intolerance will be gone soon enough anyway. You need a spiritually infused moral compass Tim, lest you find yourself sinking in the mire of no return. That is the typically unsubstantiated and predictably defensive response of those who have nothing of substance to say.

Surely you could find an atheistic, godless blog where your venom wild be appreciated…or are you a glutton for pubishment? If so, you will be thrilled with the lake of fire coz it will be pubishment for all eternity.. Then you will be whisked away to the lake of fire that burns forever and ever and your worm does not die. When you are trimbling befor Him, you will probably remember the KJV d folks who attempted over and over again to reach your sin sick soul with truth but you mocked them in contemtabke derision, but alas, it will be too late then.

Those who committed suicide in Jonestown for that nutcase Jim Jones? You desperately need a remedial course on the concept of religion itself — not to mention Orthodox Biblical Christianity. And thanks for the kind words! All the examples I cited I would never do. Snake handlers who believe god will protect them. But it is rooted in their interpretation of scripture. You would lay down your life if someone told you to reject your beliefs or die.

But yet you blindly follow these archaic teaching and expect other Robby trying to implement laws to force that. I will fight that to the end. Why do you keep insisting that your de-conversion, or never converted status etc. How incredibly prideful and arrogant is that anyway? Yet seemingly all-of-a-sudden, throughout the West — ever since post-Enlightenment philosophers, and men such as Darwin, Marx, Freud, Nietzsche et al. Then, what do you say about those utterly brilliant, world-renowned scientists, top-tier philosophers, and academic professionals throughout mainstream secular universities in the West, of whom are also Bible-believing followers of the Lord Jesus Christ?

Even distinguished atheists such as Richard Dawkins, and his prized-disciple of NOthing, physicist Lawrence Krauss, have had to openly concede this embarrassing reality of knowing extremely bright colleagues, of whom are also faithful, committed Christians. And yet you want to try and insist that you possess absolutely NO volitional free-will?? Happy thinking my friend! The god as written in the Bible does not exist.

Yes, a lot of thought, and all of that thought impressed upon an already sin sick and weak mind by Satan himself…you were obviously so very easy for him to manipulate. I want you all to think about this. A majority of the people in this world both past and present according to your scriptures, have gone or are going to hell. First he creates an enemy that will defeat him. Secondly, he regretted the day he made man as is said in Genesis.

Riddle me this… How does an all knowing being regret something he already knows is going to fail. He knew Adam and Wve would fail. He knew he was going to destroy all living creatures in the flood. What sort of supernatural being does that? A pretty stupid one.

Kinda short sided if you ask me. But how would I expect you to understand that? You all are just as short sighted as the god you worship. Now we are in these hit flames. Hell…even before you die in some people with dementia. Humanistically speaking perhaps, but we will know our loved ones who are saved, the blessing is that those who are saved will not remember those who are lost. The ones without names He gave as examples. The ones with names were true stories Were real events. Lazarus who died went to paradise but the rich man went to hades. He asked that his brothers be warned so they would not go to hades as well.

The rich man remembered his brothers which added to his agony. I know you will poo poo this, so be it. It is your loss, not mine. Mann are very devout believers — in spite of their scientific expertise. Live like there is no eternity, but when you learn otherwise one day, you will then realize your dreadful mistake. Were you called and declined?

I suspect you were else you would not have been in a Bible school. All the worse for you. Go your deluded way. I may not have gone to seminary, but I know Jesus as my personal savior. He has spoken to me. Now make jokes about that too. It matters not to me, because I know who holds today, tomorrow and all eternity in His Hands. That is your loss. Sure hope you like it hot and smokey. But you will be like all the others libs who say they will leave but never do. I really wish you all would just go.

You are a reprobate who has closed his mind. You will face your maker someday. Luckily for you, He is merciful. However, it will not be fun for you. But you will bow to Jesus. Lack of knowledge…I hardly think so. My point is perfectly proved out of your own mouth, Michael and if you are an honest man who values your integrity, you will have to admit what I already know , which is that you have a vastly diminished knowledge of the Bible and have barely scratched the surface of its fathomless depths, knowing nothing of its profound prophetic content, as it aligns with the historical record, current events and future foretold fulfillment.

To every season… burn burn burn…. Sounds like you hit the nail square in the head Kristin! I have often wondered why some people are so outspokenly and adamantly atheistic. They wonder where God was while they were being victimized, and grow angry at Him when the fault must lay at the feet of the abused, not God.

Many homosexuals are made by a pedophile who abused them as children as well. While their unbelief, or their own perversions are also on their own heads, it will be a double portion for those who victimized them to begin with. Will you bow to Islam to save your neck? Such a dumb argument. I will be ecstatic to be counted worthy to die for my Lord and God. Sent from my iPad. Incest is condemned in the Bible.

All sex outside of marriage is condemned.

Marriage Not Dating Ep 1 Eng Sub Vimeo: Sex Hookups Free!

And marriage in the Bible is heterosexual only. You can be as immoral as you want in this life, as long as the government, or someone else allows it. When you die, God will settle up with you. When Lot was spared, your all knowing God knew Lot would sleep with his daughters in the cave…yet he was spared? Should I site more examples from your fables or do you want me to bury you with more of your nonsensical book?

See how inconsistent you are with your bible? See how inconsistent your God is within his own bible? Sheeezzzz…even Stevie Wonder can see it…. Except those who are brainwashed in the blood of the Lamb!!!! The only incest that was allowed by God is when the sons of Adam and Eve married their sisters.

After The Flood, there was no incest. Noah and his sons all had their wives. You arrogant little puke. You think you know more than God and are more moral than Him. You will soon be but a bad memory to those who know you. No incest after the flood? If it is only Noah and his sons and their wives…first cousins would have to procreate with each other, wife swapping from the brothers would also have to happen.

In fact…she turns 20 this week and she know better already. No, wife swapping would not have to happen after the flood. But in your perverted mind, I can understand why you would think that. I call it the Flaming Flounce. But they always try to have the last word. I love poking the beehive…they are so easy to get riled up. I love watching their heads explode. My theology professor at Bible college got that way with me that he actually rebuked me!

I still got an A in the class because I knew the material around the fairy tale it it irked him to no end that I aced the class. These people on this thread are amatuer debaters. Common deflection from a dying group of people. Pretty soon there will be no more of this deity crap. I do understand where you are coming from. Although rare, this phenomena does occur, which i agree, with you on, that it is only a confusion of male and female alone, not a third gender type supposedly.

So yes, only with a DNA test that has only recently been invented, can it be determined, which of these two categories is dominant in the hermaphrodite due to hormonal influence. But yes, normality would bear out that male and female are the only two categories in view.

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It is a detestable sin. They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense. Is there a rape gene? If there was would any sane society salute and glamorize rape and rapists? How can we be so intolerant of poor rapist? The human genome project did not find a gay gene and that is because there is none. My question is, where are the Christian Video sharing sites? If none exist, some good Christians need to start one.

Vimeo is I presume a private company. We protect the right of private businesses — like bakers and florists who refuse to support, promote or use their talents to affirm the LGBT agenda. As much as we dislike it, that right surely applies to the other side — to those who want to promote godless lifestyles and speech.

Where are the Christian Video Sharing sites? In this godless society, the church needs to get used to the fact that we no longer have the privileged, honored standing we used to have. So again I ask, where are the Christian Video streaming sites? Or at minimum, those facilitating the streaming from our own sites. Once we have them, the battle we will need to fight is when the government insists we must display videos contrary to our faith — like those promoting the LGBT lifestyle, or those supporting Islam or ISIS.

At that point, make no mistake — every facet of Christianity will be a target of attack: It is then we must stand firm, refuse to promote lies, and encourage one another. Duane, although i do agree that building Biblical Christian based sites is needed, it would seem that the agenda of the progressives is happening with a different intent in mind.

Such is the push to keep Biblical Christianity under ground in a country that cherishes Biblical morality. I see this article exposing this agenda. Much of business is public, given that its the public that buys the products. I also see this article exposing the agenda of legislating morality as the progressives want it.

This is all just a shutting down of the truth behind the moral revolution going on. Once Biblical Christians can be herded into a corner , then they can be eliminated quite easily. So a ten second hug in Beauty and the Beast is push a radical gay agenda everyone needs to be frightened of, but a video saying you can and should change your sexual orientation is harmless? Just made an account. Did you buy a seat in Hell at the same time? When you intentionally support that which God opposes, you are on the wrong side of Eternity.

The people who run Vimeo are obviously sodomites. It is no surprise that sodomites support sodomites and reject Christians. Once a pervert, always a pervert, in my opinion.

[Eng sub] Marriage without dating ep 1 (Ki tae & Jang Mi cut) 1/3

Perhaps you should communicate your point better so that you are better understood? Why would Gary be a Troll here? Royce…those who make the claim in the affirmative have to back it up. Kinda like Trump saying Obama tapped his phones. When did God die and put you in charge of making the rules? Do you think Gary knows the people personally who runs Vimeo? Do think Gary knows for sure their sexual orientation? Do you think Gary knows for sure if they have butt sex? Dude, it was Gary who made the claim they were sodomites.

Michael, Royce E Van Blowhard has a point. Just like the ark… Explain how penguins got from Antartica to Mesopotamia, or how the kangaroos got from Australia to Mesopotamia…and back. Explain how 8 people all over the age of built a monstrous boat by themselves with no modern tools. The Ark in Kentucky is a life size replica. How did those people cut all that wood, transport it, put it together to not leak…etc.

YOu made the positive claim that he formed an assumption out of ignorance and made a gross generalization. Little men with puny minds have nothing but to climb up on the throne of their life and proclaim what is possible or not. And again…it is up to Gary to prove they are…since he made the claim.


Still blithering, still too much of a coward to research plate tectonics or seafloor spreading, still making yourself look like a fool. I already know about them. Thanks again for showing all ya got.


If there is no God, then yes, your opinion is as valid as any other. I feel like I've heard it before and it's driving me crazy not knowing lol. Pure Christian boys are a sodomites worst enemy. Now excuse me while I go have wild premarital sex with my girlfriend. But God holds all of us accountable for keeping His laws.

Just more childish, petulant name-calling and ad hominem from the spiritually-dead child of Satan. Absolutely LOVE it when you make our case for us!! As to your second point, I appreciate you showing your bigoted, close-minded ignorance of resorting to name-calling as characterizing someone as ignorant just because they differ from your POV. Keeping the Fundies insulated from reality is a full time job for their nannies here. The more the moronic, malevolent and Marxist myrmidons comment, the worse they become.

Thy are raised in rage and lost in hate so much so that they commit suicide to prove their pointlessness. All we need go is protect ourselves from them by all means necessary. Protecting the Fundies from reality is a full time job for the nannies here. Preeminence demands exclusion not inclusion. We should all refuse to preside impotent in the face of their premeditated and orchestrated aggression because evil aggressors have always thrived on appeasement.

The evil of this goal is that we now have a country that exalts all 3 perversions saluting those who wallow in them in one stench ridden package of ruination.

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Just a few questions:. All of this has been allowed to come about as morals fell to lower and lower levels, which officially began with Madelyn OHare got God, prayer and the To commandments out of our schools and public venues. Ipof course the stage was beginning to be set sbut the influx of rock and roll and the seductive dance moves that went along with it. I was a kid, but I well remember when TV cameras were not permitted to show Elvis except waist up because of his constant hip thrusts.

It was quite shocking to the culture of that day. He was quite sexual in his presentation of music, and I believe he as the first one who caused the girls to scream, pull their own hair, rip their clothing like a bunch of loons. Then God was expelled and the downward spiral grew faster and faster.

A chief in godless society where right is wrong and wrong is right,mid is down and down is up. But all,this is necessary to bring about the end of the age, when many will happily follow the antichrist right through the gates of hell. It has always been a remnant who have been saved, and it will be a remnant at the end of this age as well.

Despite the fact that John Adams our second president and the father of the American Navy once said: The Constitution means whatever some bought and paid for federal judge says it means whenever the single judge wants it to mean what he and his handlers want it to say. The national daily championing freedom, smaller government and human dignity.

The Stream offers a rich and lively source for breaking news, Christian inspiration and conservative commentary while challenging the worst in the mainstream media. Make The Stream my Homepage. Vimeo Declares War on Gospel Transformation. This is forbidden on Vimeo! Then, on March 24, all videos were removed and the Pure Passion account was closed. This is an outrage, and it needs to be addressed. Write to Vimeo and ask them to restore immediately the account of Dr. David Kyle Foster and Pure Passion.

State politely that this is a form of religious censorship and bigotry. At least for now, it has not been shut down. They address issues of sexual addiction and pornography, expose the horrors of sex-traffickin. They also provide testimony of ex-gays. Share this article with a friend. Pray that the message of freedom and liberty in Jesus — from ALL brokenness and sin — would be proclaimed even more loudly and powerfully in the days ahead. The Stream encourages comments, whether in agreement with the article or not. However, comments that violate our commenting rules or terms of use will be removed.

Any commenter who repeatedly violates these rules and terms of use will be blocked from commenting. You must log in to comment. Please flag any comments you see breaking the rules. More detail is available here. The homofacists strike again. Tim, you go your way, we go ours.

May God open your eyes to see the truth. When and how did you consciously choose your own sexual orientation? God 1, man 0. I keep posting some relevant studies, some coward keeps deleting them. Its due to our innate homophobia. Yet another irrelevant comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many times have you hired a Pedophile to babysit kids? Or are you a bigot? Why, are you a defrocked priest looking for work around young boys again? But, of course, you defer to personal attack and ad hominem rather than show your hypocrisy.

Most times that also translates directly into what is legal. I got plenty more Truth I can share with ya. How would you know? I can easily answer that question. Yes, he has yet time before death catch him. If God turns someone over to a reprobate mind they are doomed. You guys are a riot. They have exactly the same rights we all do.

They want more than equal rights. What you put in your mouth is your own business. Pure Christian boys are a sodomites worst enemy.


Because you see them as competition? Why are you so obsessed with male genitalia? You are the one obsessed you bone head! You will be the one to fear it. Who are you to decide does harm to society or themselves by their actions? That the best ya got? More false characterizations and ZERO substance from you. I was born a homophobe. And there is no cure. Downvoted, flagged and blocked for repeated advocacy of sin. You mean deleted for voicing an opposing point of view. Do hetero couples every do that? They are wrong too. I did not mentioned whether its homo or hetero fyi. Watch his Fundy head explode.

Timothy… There is no intelligent life here. More likely living out Eph. No one is born a sexual deviant. Here are four such studies. Evidence for maternally inherited factors favouring male homosexuality and promoting female fecundity Camperio-Ciani et al, Common genetic effects of gender atypical behavior in childhood and sexual orientation in adulthood: A study of Finnish twins Alanko et al Genetic and environmental influences on female sexual orientation, childhood gender typicality and adult gender identity Burri et al, Homosexuality as a consequence of epigenetically canalized sexual development Rice et al, There are many more.

That makes zero sense. Reread what you just wrote. If sexual orientation is not a choice, then why is sexual behavior a choice? You ignored the rest of my question to you: Run away from the science. I know it scares you. Yes, Vimeo will be responsible for sending many souls to hell. Think on that for a while. Blah Blah Blah…again… No proof…just deflection! Either way neither will be a pleasant experience.

You have zero scientific training or experience at all, right? Thanks for showing the entire argument that you Liberal God-hating loons have. Thank your for showing your bigoted ignorance again. Now, I ask you, how credible do you think this dude really is? A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still And that by very definition is the epitome of a moronic fool.

How about I see if I can set up a debate between you and Larry???????? You up for that???? Go practice what you preach. Then why do you keep talking?