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I would love a introvert boyfriend! How could a guy be a homebody if he likes to go to those places? Anyways, I would date him. There's nothing wrong with being home if you don't have anywhere to really go to. I mean I would be more concern with the way we would meet He would be a homebody if he seldomly does those things and prefers to stay at home and do things at home. Which differs to an outgoing person who prefers going out rather then being at home. We can't be at home all day long.

I'm a bit of a homebody myself, so I wouldn't mind.

2. “Netflix and chill” really means “netflix and chill”

Any reason why you seem geared towards girls who don't like to socialize as much as you do? After five minutes, they always have to go and run an errand or take care of kids or whatever married people do. We laughed and had such a good time. I think it is hardwired. Select age and gender to cast your vote:

I like going places- especially relaxed places like the beach- but I also like to stay home. As long as he'll spend equal the time in my home that I'll spend in his, it's fine. As long as there are fun things to do at his house, that is! Being at someone's house or having them at yours is always awkward when you can't think of what to do. While many girls are fine with the idea dating a homebody, you are right that it's mire difficult for homebodies and introverts to begin relationships or get dates, both because they are probably more likely to be shy and because, as you said, they tend to go out less often and thus will simply have fewer opportunities.

People are naturally most concerned with their own problems,. The truth is, a lot of people in a lot of different situations have trouble dating for a lot of reasons.

6 Things You Need to Know Before Dating a Homebody

Of course, if you've never been on a date and your roommate goes on a date every night, it's probably safe to assume that you have more trouble dating than they do. But it's not always so simple. You see someone happily on a date, and you think "Why is it so easy for them? So try to accept the fact that your struggles are not unique, nor are they insurmountable. I wish you the best. I'm antisocial a lot of the time because people annoy me. I don't mind staying in as long as we aren't just watching TV and doing nothing all day. I take it that homebody implies one who lives with his mother, hangs onto her every word and often goes everywhere with her.

I haven't actually caught any guys like that but I've known at least three girls First one was a disaster. We were sort of going together in college but it's like nothing was sacred to her. We both lived with our parents back then and she would give every nasty detail of her day to her parents at dinner time.

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So apparently after telling her mother all about me, her mother declared me inferior. And she took her mother's word as gospel. Little did I know that she already knew my future wife and when they came across each other, also in college, my wife to be stayed far away. Not for another nine years when our paths crossed again it was meant to be.


I know of two other girls in town they are rarely seen without their mothers even though they are at least in their forties. These ones would be hard to date. None of these girls has ever been married. I doubt any have ever been laid.

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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. 1. If you want a homebody to go out later in the evening, it's crucial that you don't let them remove a. New Girl. 1. It's almost guaranteed they have either a Netflix or HBO Go account. Maybe even both. 2. They know every single restaurant that.

If this isn't what a homebody is then well, it's another class of person that is probably impossible to date. I guess all of that has changed now- what with the idea of snuggling up in bed being bitchen dope after a wonky week, with a great movie and pizza cranking up the deal like never before! It is only after the million choices available in the world have disenchanted you so that they do not hold a candle to staying indoors that you can be a proud homebody! What- skipping overcrowded bars and messy restaurants, ditching the door covers and valet tips gotta show somewhere, right?

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Plus, you get rid of the whole who-should-pay-on-dates debate until.. Plus, food gets ordered so many friggin times that you can simply alternate the payment! A homebody is an expert at the lies you can use to get out of plans. You will possibly see them in shirts that are two sizes big or baggy pants- maybe no pants!

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When there are no zippers or buttons in the way, the clothes can come off way quicker than you think. You know what comes next….

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