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This place deserves our scorn, not our tourist money. We think this is so important. Surely going over there and supporting gay local business and the LGBT communities is going to be far more productive then arrogantly turning your back on them — not THAT is far far more irresponsible to your LGBT sistas out there no?!!! The Happy Snail Hostel you mention above are gay friendly? I am not too sure but something for sure this hostel is ageism, ableism and racism!! Below are what they mention on their booking website!

Thanks for your message Brendan. Have a look few hostel and hotel booking website on Internet and compare their price and read their guess reviews but sometime I hate it when the bad review of the hostel is not going to stay on their booking website too long! Have to be careful I met one with bed bugs!

Travel many place and that is my first time encountered one with beg bags! Lastly I hope u can remove the name of that hostel u recommend on yr webpage, very obviously they not welcome everyone!

The above two of their policies I was cut it from Hostels. Any bookings made will be cancelled and deposits will NOT be refunded. Hi Brendan thanks so much for all this information. Great guide to gau friendliness in Singapore! I have a couple of gay friends who are considering going here in so I will definitely send them this link. All the best for !! I would love to visit—looks like a fun country.

The Hotel Jen pool looks amazing! I would love to lounge there for an afternoon!! It looks like you really made the most of your short stay there. Asia but would like to visit one day. Looks like you guys lived it up in SIngapore per usual. What gave you that idea? Love that little sofa thing yall are sitting on. Their fans, hen parties! And the two of you look so cute in that pool lounge area! Loads of cool places to visit and things to do-but we do agree with you.

Only a matter of time until Poland has to fall in line with EU law. Going to Singapore tomorrow. I approve of you sitting on a massive sofa that looks like a pineapple cut in half. I have enjoyed my time there. The men are just so hot. The young people very body-conscious. And that melting pot of Chinese, Malay, Indian, etc makes for some really beautiful people.

Besides the armed forces, the schools and universities seem to put a high emphasis on physical fitness and sport. I attended a day of dragon boat races on the river and the guys everywhere in their little spandex outfits was almost too much for me. Your email address will not be published. Follow our adventures by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Enjoying one two many Singapore Slings at Dorothy's gay bar in Chinatown. Taboo gay club in Chinatown area of Singapore. Nomadic Boys enjoying the pool area of Hotel Jen in Singapore. Sebastien in the awesome Hotel Jen pool with view of Singapore.

What It Was Like Attending A Gay Camp In Singapore

The view below from our Singapore Flyer. The Nomadic Boys enjoying a fun gay night out in Singapore. OgreMagi on 13 April, at This place deserves our scorn, not our tourist money Reply. Stefan Arestis on 13 April, at 2: Brendan on 25 March, at 8: Stefan Arestis on 26 March, at Brendan on 26 March, at 8: Stefan Arestis on 27 March, at Stefan Arestis on 4 January, at 8: Jenna on 4 January, at 5: Peculiar Chris by Johann S.

Registered migration agent based in Singapore. Experience 1-to-1 personal fitness training, by a professional, in the comfort of a private training facility. For individuals or couples. Solo and couple portraits, nude portraits, corporate portraits. Learn to swim or improve your strokes. The name is a foil to Singapore's melting pot National Day celebration, with its indigenous GLBT citizens indignant at being criminalized and discriminated against.

Runs are held mostly at the Singapore Sports Hub with off-location runs at Macritchie, the Southern Ridges, and elsewhere. It runs a hotline, an affordable face-to-face counseling service, support group and informative workshops and talks. They also offer counseling and referrals for medical, legal and other services. Pink Dot stands for an open, inclusive society where sexual orientation represents a feature, not a barrier.

They organize an annual public gathering to form a giant pink dot, to say "we are here," visible to satellite cameras circling the earth. Add your review, comment, or correction Click here for pictures and a special report from Pink Dot Most of their activities are non-profit and aim to create a space for womyn to come together and build community. They welcome LBTQ from across the region as well as worldwide. The event is held on the last Sat of every month.

Over a potluck dinner, they hold discussions on wide-ranging topics like self-acceptance, homophobia, relationships and identity. The monthly Women's Nite was started in Dec, Explore the fascinating cultures, foods and history of Chinatown, also the heart of Singapore's gay scene. Speaking the local language, your guide will look after your safety and welfare, as well as ensure that you get the best deals and local flavor.

Pockets of gay online and offline communities in Singapore

He does the bargaining for you, carries your shopping, and makes sure you won't get ripped off. He will schedule each day based on your personal interests.

Holiday Houseboys is all about getting the most out of your holiday with a friendly local guy. Add your review, comment, or correction Click here for Singapore hotels and accommodations. Click here for Singapore bars and clubs. Click here for Singapore discos. Active sauna and steam room. Private and group classes available.

Open to beginners and intermediate swimmers. Add your review, comment, or correction True Fitness Has lots of eye candy in most branches, especially the Suntec and Raffles branch.

In Singapore's bustling Chinatown district. Add your review, comment, or correction Click here for Singapore karaoke. Click here for Singapore massage and spas.

Highlights of the queer camp

You may speak to the obvious local Utopians at the front yard for more cruise tips, but it makes your hobby obvious to the crowd. All bushes and trees have been cut or pruned. Add your review, comment, or correction. To be disclosed to registered and paid campers only. Full range of food, desserts and drink. Travel many place and that is my first time encountered one with beg bags!

Singapore has one of the most vibrant cruising scenes in the region. In general, let locals make the first move. Contacts you make in public are at your own risk. Beaches Ask a local for directions as the specific hot spots shift. Late day and evening. Best times are Fri and Sat, 11pm onwards. Stretching from the public facility towards the end of pathway, there is a roundabout. Totally dark, great for group fun, couple fun and more.

Many male joggers pretend to exercise and stretch by the dead end beach and go naked. Lots of action after 11pm until early hours. Cruising by car remains popular, especially along Telok Ayer and Amoy St. Amoy St is a cruising spot for all types especially from 10pm onwards.

Parks are also meeting spots. A hang out in the wee hours after clubbing. Especially after dusk and warm Sat afternoons. Hook up with guys jogging through the park. Action at the corner nearer to drive 4 side shelter. Nice place for a chill-out with bare body hunks. It was THE cruising place in the early 80's until the local authorities clamped down after a press report.

All bushes and trees have been cut or pruned. Yet, older men still come here to meet up. Add your review, comment, or correction Pasir Ris and Tampines Large gay communities. Check out the town parks or gardens below the blocks. Just go to the other side of the lake, around the exercise area. Hanging around the front yard are mostly South Asians of the northern parts, i.

Punjabis noticeable by the steel bangles they wear , Sindhis and Nepalis, plus occasional Bangladeshis who are mostly there for some income. The cruise buoys from the front yard of Serangoon Shopping Centre with the big Mustaffa and Pizza neon sign to the shopfront eateries by the traffic light and all the way across the traffic lights to Exit A pavillion of the Farrer MRT Station.

In the evening, all around this pavillion is cruisy. Check out the left side facing the greens where there is a bicycle parking rank. Seated on the polished stones are often Bangladeshi laborers and other South Asians, often seen connecting and exchanging mobile numbers. Down the station is a cruisy toilet to the left of the escalator - very busy during weekends.


Wary South Asians now avoid the urinals. Beware of security as in all parts of Singapore public facilities. After the main entrance, take the last left turn before the exit and you will see watches on displays in show cases - Seiko and Titoni signs flanking both sides. Walk through this path to pass the electronic sensor and take the long winding corridor veering right to come to the facilities at the end.

Urinals are busy and the cubicle partitions are bored with holes. Connect with your new friend or exchange numbers and leave the place. Avoid repetitous use within a short duration or Mr Seiko and Mr Titoni may report you to security. You may speak to the obvious local Utopians at the front yard for more cruise tips, but it makes your hobby obvious to the crowd. Add your review, comment, or correction Shopping Centers Locals cruise around the new suburban shopping complexes near MRT stops. While you may chose to strike up a conversation, remember that security is vigilant. It is best to go somewhere else with your new friend.

Add your review, comment, or correction Northpoint Utopia Map All levels. Best times are in the afternoon till evening, before 10pm. In Roxy Square 2 the best is the top floor facility. Take Bedok North Ave 3 to the pool and the stadium is just behind.

Walk towards the tennis court and there is a site under construction and this narrow sidewalk is dark and a lot of activities. Very cruisy after midnight, especially Fri and weekends. The dress code is to not wear a top if you are interested in being approached. There are usually many gay ang moh white guys there on the weekend at anytime of the day. Facilities are cruisy on the weekends. Add your review, comment, or correction Tampines Block opposite the Esso Station Very busy with joggers at night.

Be discreet and let the local take the lead if they show interest. Weekdays, afternoon to dusk. At that time the facilities one glory hole and changing room become good to cruise. Some guys shower without closing the door. A lot of guys like to parade naked here. Dig into cups of warm almond or black sesame "pudding", mango slices and tapioca balls in coconut milk with crushed ice, or multi-textured taste treats mixed up from ingredients like crunchy water chestnuts, peanut sauce, pungent durian, juicy jack fruit, and green "worms.

Traditional snacks including some of the best pork bao on the planet.