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Lion First Facilities Management Services LLC was established in the year 2010 as a young, progressive and energetic company through the pa tronage of its parent company the Lion Holding Group with the aim of providing the same quality of service appreciated by its customers to the Middle Eastern region, keeping Dubai as a hub providing integrated facilities management services.

Building on our established reputation in Europe as an industry­leading con struction and facilities management service provider, we are offering tailor­made management solutions for commercial and residential properties of all types to include: Construction, building assets and property management companies.

All at Lion First will continue with our collective mission of offering the­art of property management, comfort, outstanding service and creating a topquality service response to the specifications of each customer’s unique re quest.

The main focus of Lion First Facilities Management Services LLC as a young establishment in the local market is to share our past experience of understanding the market needs and focus on delivering solutions in addition to providing professional services right from the beginning of its cycle of creating the enjoyment of luxury and quality.