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CEO Message

The intonation to deliver high end products and services which are unmatched by our competitors; I understand that there are no boundaries.

Having served in the Lion Holding Group Headquarters in Germany and with the work experience in managing Europe and East European markets’ providing facilities management and construction; I value attention to detail as essential and that Development is a continues journey.

May it be concept design and delivery, architecture or turnkey projects, facilities management or hospitality services, at Lion Group- Dubai, we do not just want to meet with clients or partners and talk over their ambitions; we want to engage with them to gain a clear understanding of the business and customise solutions to add further value to their efforts and growth.

I am proud that we are known for being highly professional yet friendly and approachable. We believe that our products and services need to be flexible to meet the specific needs of all our clients and partners.

We are delighted to be at your service!


Viktor Diete
Chief Executive Officer





Managing Director Profile

Ms. Hanna Kamarouskaya has taken over the all important role of ManagingDirector at Lion Group-Dubai, carrying along with her early experience in the Banking and Financial sector and later moving into the management of critical Facilities Management and construction projects at the Lion Holding Group headquarters in Germany.

With the experience of handling projects in Europe and Eastern Europe as a Senior manager, and Ms. Hanna’s professional qualifications completed’ had built her to be just the right combination in Lion Group senior management team in Dubai.

Ms. Hanna’s involvement in the success of the overall development of the company and the awards achieved compliments to the ego of our accomplishments at Lion Group.