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Our History

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Lion Holding Group History

Founded in the year 2004’ the Lion Holding Group is a market leader in Europe and Eastern Europe region, providing Construction related sol utions for all sectors, and currently the Lion Holding Group is a name behind many of the highly advanced and prestigious projects whom had been providing reliable and cost effective solutions to their most complex construction related challenges.

Today, Lion Holding Group has built a reputation for delivering innovative solutions in the construction and facilities management industry throughout Germany mainly in Berlin, Leipzig and Munich.

Lion Holding Group had expanded itself globally to provide integrated facilities management solutions, through its strengths in traditional construction methods and also with the creative fresh approach to providing the most cost effective and efficient solutions for each project using cut ting­edge technologies and delivery systems at hand joined by our expertise that spans throughout the construction industry spectrum, from Concept Design and Architecture to Building Construction and Building Management.

Our clients are approaching us for our distinctive ability to implement innovative project management techniques, and to serve as a reliable source that provides knowledge­driven solutions for their complex construction projects and renovations of historical projects and memorials.